KeraVet Gel is available by prescription only

Next generation wound care
for dogs and cats

Simplify wound and incision care. 

Simplify wound care for veterinary teams and reduce the need for the E-collar. KeraVet Gel offers simple, safe, and effective care for wounds ranging from the everyday surgical incision to more complex, topical lesions. 

Send home fewer E-collars.

KeraVet Gel includes a bitterant shown to decrease licking behavior in dogs and cats by 85%+.

Supports better, faster healing.

Gel has been developed to provide a moist wound bed and absorb excess exudate to support better, faster healing.

Reduce rebound visits.

Reduce rebound visits by simplifying at-home care, saving the veterinary team time, money, and frustration. 

Reduced licking

KeraVet Gel reduced the amount my patient was licking a wound without the use of an E-collar! It was also amazing to see how quickly it helped the healing process when it was previously a difficult area to manage.
Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DACVD
Portland, Oregon

Looking forward to trying on more cases

I used one tube on a post operative case to deter licking and one on my own dog with a small wound that she was licking. I can verify that it tastes really bad! It seems to be helping healing on my dog, at least it’s made her leave it alone. I look forward to trying this product on more cases.
Judy Norton, DVM
Utica, Kansas


Amazing!!! Our Pomeranian puppy’s incision was just five days post surgery and thanks to KeraVet Gel the incision was healing beautifully and was much further along than it would have been otherwise.
Marty Becker, DVM
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Makes it easy

I am always searching for better ways to help patients with wounds to heal. Having a wound is life altering for the pet and the pet family, from extended medication regimens and the E-collar. KeraVet Gel makes wound closure and management easier.
Cherice Roth, MS, DVM
Boring, Oregon

We're impressed

We have used KeraVet Gel after most of our laser surgeries and have been impressed with the speed of healing.
Elizabeth Layne, DVM
Midvale, Utah

Avoid the E-collar

So far, I’ve found that KeraVet Gel on post-spay surgery sites and on a kitten with a small rectal prolapse. It’s worked well in both situations to prevent licking and avoid sending an E-collar home with the clients.
Kirsten Jensen, DVM
Honolulu, Hawaii

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