About us

About us

The veterinary wound care market is ready for innovation and moving beyond forcing veterinary teams and pet parents to continue to rely on restraint devices, such as the Elizabethan Collar (E-collar), as their primary wound management solution. These collars and other restraint devices may help to keep the pet from self-harming behaviors such as licking but offer nothing in the way of managing the wound itself. Restraint devices also tend to have lower pet parent compliance, which is likely due to the negative impact they can have on the patient, the client, and their bond (animals, 2020).

Incorporated in 2022, KeraVet Bio is a veterinary wound care company that is utilizing decades of biotechnology research to elevate the standard of care for dogs and cats. KeraVet Bio has exclusively licensed the patent-protected, keratin technology of KeraNetics to formulate the next generation of veterinary wound care products. KeraVet Bio products will enable clinicians and pet parents to experience the value of being able to manage wounds before they require the more expensive, multi-step alternatives and restraint devices such as E-collars.

Our flagship product, KeraVet Gel, was reformulated from the FDA-cleared human medical product, KeraStat Gel, which was developed for the human medical market to manage complex battlefield injuries. KeraVet Gel has been designed to address mild and severe wounds, post-surgical incisions, and a range of dermatological conditions while also alleviating the need for cones or other lick deterrents, thus elevating the standard of wound care significantly.

The team at KeraVet Bio has decades of experience in medical research, animal health, and commercialization of wound and regenerative medical products. From medicine to consumer healthcare, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating, testing, and manufacturing FDA-regulated products. Founder and CEO, Dr. Luke Burnett, has worked in biotechnology for over twenty years and supervises projects addressing unmet clinical needs in wound and burn healing, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. In the last ten years, he has received over 30 competitive research awards from government agencies including the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, and the Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority. Dr. Burnett has published work in major scientific journals, presents at scientific conferences, and has filed multiple patents for his work in biomaterial solutions to trauma, radiation injury and wound healing.

Our vision is to provide a single, easy-to-use wound care product for the pet parent that supports faster wound healing while also deterring self-harming behavior by the pet. KeraVet Bio has been sampled in over 300 clinics nationwide and is distributed by MWI Animal Health.


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