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Cherice Roth

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Cherice Roth, MS, DVM

KeraVet Bio Lead Medical Advisor

The innovative composition of KeraVet Gel reflects advancements in veterinary medicine that I look for when choosing projects to support. KeraVet Gel’s ability to not only support a better wound outcome, but to do that without any restraint devices such as the Elizabethan collar, will vastly improve the human-animal bond during the healing process.

I beleive that using KeraVet Gel will help to alleviate the stresss that comes wound management and help to accelerate the healing process, which is why I already ues it on my own pets and in my own practice.

Natalie Marks, DVM, CVJ

KeraVet Bio Advisor

At my stage of career, I am not only a practicing veterinarian, but also previous practice owner, educator, and consultant.  It’s hard to find projects that fill all of my buckets but being on the KeraVet Advisory Board does just that.

KeraVet Gel is an innovative wound management product that improves healing times and eliminates the need for bandaging and secondary restraint devices like Elizabethan collars.  This addresses the physical and emotional health of my patients, as well as creates more compliant, relaxed, and happier clients.  This translates into improved work culture at veterinary hospitals and veterinary professionals who can focus on what drives them – patient care.

Practices who implement this strategy are forward thinking and believe in improving all aspects of the veterinary-client-patient relationship.

Marty Becker, DVM

KeraVet Bio Advisor

In a time when gizmos, gadgets and artificial intelligence are the shiny new things that get the profession’s attention, along comes a powerful, new topical product originally developed for human medicine, proven on the battlefield with injured soldiers, and now available for pets.

Rather than just relying on the routine off-label use of a human medical product, KeraVet invested in harnessing top scientists for studies and worked with leaders in dermatology, surgery and wound repair to prove this product was as effective as hoped for.

KeraVet not only adds a scaffold for wound healing, but also reduces the need for bandages, and anti-lick restraint devices. Trust me, the bitterant in KeraVet is powerful. I accidentally got some in my mouth and it made a ghost pepper taste like vanilla ice-cream.

Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, Dip ACVD

KeraVet Bio Advisor

As a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, I know how frequently traumatic skin lesions can occur and the effect they have on the pet-owner relationship.

Now, we have the ability to address these lesions with a state-of-the-art topical treatment derived from an effective therapy used in human medicine. Also, to minimize the use of physical restraint or E-collars by implementing a potent lick deterrent within the formula really addresses the frustration an owner can experience in this situation.

I have been so impressed with the innovation and thoughtfulness KeraVet Bio has taken to bring this product to the veterinary market. Not only relying on science but investing in studies and consulting with veterinary specialists to maximize all aspects of the product. I can’t wait for this to be available in the market and be implemented in daily veterinary practice!

Fred Wininger, VMD, MS, DACVIM (Neurology)

KeraVet Bio Advisor

As a neurosurgeon, the rapidity and efficiency of surgical wound healing is of the utmost importance.  Aside from the regular concerns for incisional infection, our patients benefit greatly from immediate rehabilitation, particularly in the underwater treadmill.

Keravet raises our confidence in the re-establishment of the skin’s impermeable water barrier so we can get our patients more quickly on the road to recovery.


Courtney Campbell, DVM, DACVS-SA

KeraVet Bio Advisor

The beauty of veterinary medicine lies in the ability to positively impact animals, their families and the veterinary healthcare team.

KeraVet Gel is a boon to that triumvirate. This topical therapy incorporates keratin and a lick deterrent, both which help to enhance post surgical wound healing, improve patient recovery and limit the window in which wounds are most susceptible to infection.The use of this gel will reduce the need for Elizabethan collars and wound dressings in the postoperative period; which will improve client compliance, decrease caregiver anxiety, lower the cost of care, and strengthen the human-animal bond.

The veterinary healthcare team is invaluable in the complex and dynamic process of wound management. Having a reliable and effective tool in the wound care armamentarium like Keravet improves team morale and keeps them ready to respond to the evolving needs of veterinary medicine.

Richard Hawkins, DVM

KeraVet Bio Advisor

I have had the privilege of practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years. My greatest satisfaction is being able to improve the quality of life for my patients. Veterinary medicine has done so much for me in my life that it is important for me to give back to the profession.

I have been involved in organized veterinary medicine for over 30 years serving on the North Carolina State Veterinary Medical Association and Medical Boards. Now the opportunity for me to be on the forefront of a new generation of medicines to improve the health of animals is very exciting.

Keravet Bio has developed a new dermatologic drug for wound management in dogs and cats. Keravet gel is a topical application that promotes faster healing of partial skin thickness wounds. It has a profound lick deterrent that keeps the patient from wanting to lick the wound and eliminates the need for E-collars.

This will improve the quality of life for the patient while the wound heals. This is an exciting time to be involved in the innovation and discovery of ways to improve the health of our animal population.

Ira Gordon, DVM, DACVR-RO

KeraVet Bio Advisor

It is inspiring to be working alongside such thoughtful veterinary leaders on the KeraVet Advisory Board.  We work alongside the company’s executive team to consider the science, medicine, and practical clinical aspects of getting this product into the clinic and to the patients that need it most.

We provide our insights about a novel product that has the potential to meaningfully improve animal health. Some of my toughest cases as a clinician have been related to wound care.  In those cases, I wished there was something that could speed healing time and reduce the need for an e-collar.

Scott Maloney, MBA

KeraVet Bio Advisor

Throughout the years, I’ve seen many products introduced in the animal health space, but nothing that has had the possibility of changing a standard of care like KeraVet Gel. 

The power of this product is clear as it has attracted some of the most sought-after veterinary leaders in our industry to support the company. I believe this is because KeraVet Gel offers the most elegant and effective way to manage wounds by reducing the need for bandages and cones while providing a moist wound bed to promote a better healing outcome.

Not only is KeraVet Bio changing the standard of care,  but they are doing it with a robust product that in prior formulations is FDA cleared for human use.  They’re going to eliminate the need for the cone, while better managing the wound and offering pet parents an easy, fear free solution for their pets. KeraVet Gel is the solution to wound care the animal health industry has been looking for and is a win for those treating the pets, caring for the pets and the pet itself.