Management Team

CEO and Chief Science Officer

Luke Burnett, PhD

Luke has been a part of KeraNetics, the KeraVet Bio parent company, since the beginning in 2008 and founded KeraVet Bio in March of 2022. This is his third spinoff company from KeraNetics and whether it’s for humans or pets, treating wounds is his number one priority. Luke’s desire to develop state-of-the-art wound care stems from his 27 years in the military seeing battlefield wounds that were more extensive than technologies and treatments in civilian trauma medicine could handle. He continues to provide innovative solutions in both human and animal sectors. Visit Luke on LinkedIn to learn more. 

Chief Operating Officer and Quality Officer

Chiquita Williams

Chiquita has expertly managed the operational functions in the human product regulated industry. This experience makes her adept at understanding the nuances of comprehensive quality—including assurance, control, and systems. With eight years at KeraNetics and extensive knowledge from prior roles in regulated sectors, her science background seamlessly positions her for the veterinarian product industry. Additionally, Chiquita’s experience in planning, controlling, and ensuring product conformance to stringent requirements, specifications, and standards can be invaluable in a veterinarian context. Visit Chiquita on LinkedIn to learn more. 

Director of Research & Development

Chris Holder, PhD

Chris manages all aspects of the KeraNetics Research & Development laboratory, which includes designing and performing experiments critical for the development of KeraVet Bio products. This role encompasses oversight of pre- and non-clinical product testing and maintaining relationships with our various contract research laboratories. Chris has worked for KeraNetics for eight years, and he is excited to be able to bring his knowledge of product development to the animal sector with KeraVet Bio. As a pet parent, Chris understands the importance of having access to effective wound care options that don’t interfere with the human-animal bond you have with your pet. Visit Chris on LinkedIn to learn more.

Program Manager and Communications Manager

Michelle Barson, MS

Michelle graduated with honors from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. After working in a number of public relations and sales roles she returned to school and graduated with a 4.0 from West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing and Communications program housed in their journalism school. Today her role encompasses marketing, communications, business development and ensuring that all parties are aligned on product vision and timeline. Visit Michelle on LinkedIn to learn more.