Advancements in pet wound care: KeraVet Gel Vs. Manuka Honey & Silver

By Cherice Roth, MS, DVM, KeraVet Bio Lead Medical Advisor

Nature has always been our first defense regarding healing, offering remedies that have served humans and animals. Manuka honey, with its antimicrobial attributes, provides a moist environment for wounds and doubles as a barrier against pathogens. Silver, known for its antibacterial prowess, is employed in forms like silver sulfadiazine creams to shield burns and open wounds from potential infections. In some products, you can find these powers combined.

As veterinary care evolves, newer, more effective solutions emerge. The latest in wound healing progression is KeraVet Gel, which sets a new standard in pet wound care. Let’s compare.

Specifically developed for dogs and cats.

One of its defining attributes is its specific formulation for pets. Unlike Manuka honey and silver, which cater to human and pet needs, KeraVet Gel zeroes in on our pets’ unique requirements, promising a tailored care approach.

Reducing or eliminating the lick factor.

Despite its healing properties, the issue with Manuka honey is that it’s delicious! Honey’s sweet taste becomes problematic when we want to deter a pet from licking a wound. Enter KeraVet Gel with its built-in lick deterrent. KeraVet Gel ensures that the healing process remains uninterrupted by those curious and sometimes incessant licks.

Harnessing the power of keratin.

Beyond deterrence, KeraVet Gel contains keratin protein, a game-changer in wound recovery. Keratin has been shown to promote cell regeneration, tissue repair, and inflammation reduction. Although Manuka honey and silver act as protective agents against infection, their contribution to cell growth is less substantial than what has been shown using keratin.

Ease of use.

For pet parents, the consistency and application of the wound care product matter. Often, a product is reapplied in a vet clinic due to low pet parent compliance at home (e.g., the sticky nature of Manuka honey makes it difficult to apply). KeraVet Gel provides an easy, consistent application process that, once prescribed, can often be applied and reapplied at home, depending on the severity of the wound.

While nature’s gifts, like Manuka honey and silver, have been invaluable in wound care, scientific research illustrates how products like KeraVet Gel can blend naturally occurring resources with technological advancement for optimal pet care. Overall, KeraVet Gel is a forward-thinking solution free from complex application concerns.

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