At last, wound care without the cone

By Natalie Marks, KeraVet Bio Advisor

As a practicing veterinarian of over two decades and previous practice owner, I’ve witnessed quite a bit of evolution within our industry. There continue to be advances in diagnostic technologies, telemedicine, novel therapeutics for dermatology and osteoarthritis, and a dramatic shift from independent practice ownership to corporatization. However, in my opinion, one of the most important discoveries and initiatives has been the concept of Fear Free, the movement dedicated to the physical and emotional health of our patients and clients through the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress.

Being Fear Free is more than just a movement

However, Fear Free is, and can be, more than just a movement. It can be a lifestyle and mantra on how to practice and manage and educate. Client trust and compliance is key to a successful veterinary-client-patient relationship, and that’s difficult to achieve when fear, anxiety, and stress surrounds the exam room interaction and associated communications. This is never more evident than when trying to manage wound care. The aftercare associated with an incision, a laceration repair, a skin lesion, or a superficial burn can be extensive and complicated, often with multiple medications, bandage care, an Elizabethan collar, and an incredibly stressed patient and pet parent. This negatively affects patient care AND the veterinary team as frustrated pet parents call and email frequently, taking veterinary professionals away from patient care in hospital.

KeraVet Gel is the fear free option

There’s now a single solution for improved wound healing for patients, reduction of the home care burden for pet parents, and preservation of emotional health for patient, pet parent, and the veterinary health care team. KeraVet Gel is a first-of-its-kind wound care product. As a scientist, safety and efficacy of any new product is top of mind. I’ve been impressed with the initial studies with this product that has a keratin-based patent protected technology to promote a moist wound environment and barrier to the environment as well as a bitterant to deter licking behavior, enabling us to send a patient home without that collar that so often leads to increased stress for both the patient and our client.

But our market is flooded with new products all the time – why should we embrace this product? One of the tenets I lived by as a practice owner was ‘best medicine leads to best business.’ Our clients of today want to see the value in the care they are investing in, that it’s convenient and safe, and that it addresses their family member’s physical and emotional health. When we choose to use KeraVet Gel, we give our clients a single effective solution addressing both of their needs, thus building trust and compliance, and strengthening the human-animal bond. These are the clients that return and refer and stay lifelong members of our hospitals.

This same article was also published on the Fear Free Pets website under the title “Improve Wound Healing and Patient Recovery“.

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