Beyond the E-Collar:

The rise of KeraVet Gel in pet healing

By Cherice Roth, MS, DVM, KeraVet Bio Lead Medical Advisor

When it comes to our beloved pets, their well-being is paramount. Injuries and wounds are, unfortunately, part of their adventurous lives, and we are often faced with the crucial decision of choosing the most suitable healing method for them. Enter the notorious E-collar, affectionately labeled the “cone of shame.” Contrary to popular belief, the E-collar isn’t the villain of the story. Designed with the best intentions, it comes to the rescue when there’s an immediate need to prevent a pet from exacerbating a wound or taking out stitches.

However, like many first-generation solutions in various industries, the E-collar has its share of challenges. Many pets find it uncomfortable, even restricting. The once simple acts of eating, drinking, or lying down become a tedious chore. The E-collar’s design often obstructs peripheral vision, leading to unexpected bouts of stress and anxiety for our pets, hindering their much-needed rest and recovery. And as pet parents, our hearts ache watching our fur babies bump into things and struggle with the bulky cone, making us constantly worry about their comfort.

This growing concern within the pet-care community paved the way for innovations like KeraVet Gel. As an alternative, KeraVet Gel, a keratin-based product, emerges as a beacon of hope. Offering protection minus the constraints of the E-collar, it enables pets to move with their natural grace and agility. Studies have shown that keratin accelerates wound recovery, ensuring cells regenerate faster. Furthermore, a standout feature is its lick deterrent. With this gel applied, pets are less tempted to lick, allowing the wound to remain untouched and clean. For pet parents, the gel’s user-friendly application means confidently caring for their pets after a veterinarian consultation without the need for frequent, sometimes stressful, vet visits.

While the E-collar has undeniably played its part in pet care, new-age solutions like KeraVet Gel are revolutionizing how we approach wound care. It’s a refreshing shift towards treatments that encompass physical healing and our pets’ emotional and psychological comfort. As always, for any pet care decision, liaising with a veterinarian is crucial, ensuring we’re providing the best, tailored care for our furry family members.

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