Innovation without empathy isn’t enough

By Scott Maloney, MBA, Crain & Company

Looking back over the last 20 years of the veterinary profession, it’s clear we’ve witnessed a dynamic evolution. Veterinarians and veterinary professionals have adapted and grown in remarkable ways, embracing new technologies, treatments, and methodologies. Yet, there’s a crucial aspect that seems to have been overlooked in this journey of progress – the direct connection to the true needs of our patients, and importantly, their parents.

Despite advancements and intentions to be responsive, a surprising trend has emerged: many pet parents still feel their needs are not being adequately met. This disconnect points to a crucial gap in the approach that while there’s been focus on enhancing skills and expanding knowledge, has there been close enough listening to those being served?

The time is ripe for introspection.

As a community dedicated to animal health and welfare, we need to reassess our strategies and interactions.

1. Are we truly aligning with what pet parents seek and need?

2. How can we bridge this gap to ensure that advancements translate into genuine satisfaction and better care for furry patients?

This isn’t just about providing medical solutions; it’s about empathy, communication, and understanding the evolving expectations of pet owners in a rapidly changing world. As we continue to grow and evolve, let’s prioritize reconnecting with the heart of our profession – the pets and the people who love them.

Introducing KeraVet Bio 

Dr. Luke Burnett, Founder and CEO, of KeraVet Bio understands the human-animal bond and reformulated his existing human medical product, KeraStat Gel, for that very reason. 

Not only did he want to ensure that our four-legged family members had access to the same technology and innovation as we do, but wanted to change how the veterinary community thought about and treated wounds. Oftentimes, wounds and surgical incisions are treated by simply keeping the animal away from the impacted area with an E-collar or bandages with the understanding that limiting their access to the wound can be enough.

Pet parents want more though and now it’s available thanks to development of KeraVet Gel. KeraVet Gel achieves what E-collars and other topicals have not. It both deters the animal from licking the area, through the addition of a bitterant, and supports better, faster healing.  KeraVet Gel not only manages the behavior, but manages the wound and, in most cases, without the use of additional bandages and restraint devices.

KeraVet Bio represents how our next phase of our evolution should be as much about understanding and meeting these needs as it is about medical or technological advancements. The industry can’t allow innovation in a vacuum to continue to alienate pet parents as “off the mark” or less relevant to their needs.