KeraNetics selected for Advanced Technological Education impact video  

By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

KeraNetics is honored to be selected as a contributor to the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Impacts program. This initiative, which includes the production of a compelling book and blog, aims to spotlight the profound influence of ATE funding. Our involvement extends to a video within this program, designed to chronicle the personal journeys of individuals touched by these funds and illustrate how their stories intersect.

KeraNetics and KeraVet Bio, along with Founder and CEO, Dr. Luke Burnett, will be prominently featured, offering a firsthand account of how the private sector thrives on ATE funding. The ATE, a subsidiary of the National Science Foundation (NSF), has been a pillar of support for advanced technology education for three decades. Their dedication is reflected in funding initiatives that propel education in biotechnology and other cutting-edge industries, bridging the gap between community colleges and employers. By ensuring up-to-date curricula and providing financial support to students pursuing associate degrees in technology, ATE plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the workforce.

“Dissemination of the ATE Impacts book will advance understanding of the importance of technicians to the vitality of high-tech industries that drive the economy. By highlighting the successful, innovative work of ATE centers and projects, the book will encourage broader participation in the ATE program by academic institutions, educators, and industry partners.” (“ATE Impacts video.” ATE Impacts, Nov. 17 2023,

Our excitement to contribute to this initiative is magnified by the prospect of highlighting how KeraNetics, KeraVet Bio, and other biotechnology startups have revitalized what was an undesirable downtown environment in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, just a decade ago. Proudly incorporated in North Carolina and headquartered in Winston-Salem’s Innovation Quarter, we are eager to share our story, our dedicated employees, and our community engagement.

Production for our featured video begins this December, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share the narrative of our growth and impact of ATE. For a preview of some of the videos already produced by ATE, visit ATE Impacts. Stay tuned for our upcoming contribution to this insightful exploration of the transformative power of ATE funding.