KeraVet Bio announces Cherice Roth as Lead Medical Advisor 

By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

KeraVet Bio, a veterinary health company, announced today they’ve brought on Dr. Cherice Roth, as their Lead Medical Advisor (LMA). Dr. Roth had previously served as a member of the KeraVet Bio Advisory Board, and when the time came for a LMA, Dr. Luke Burnett, CEO and Chief Science Officer, knew he didn’t need to look far to fill the role.

“Cherice is a trailblazer. She sees the need for better, more affordable and accessible wound management for pets. She’s someone who sees a gap in the industry, finds the solution and executes upon it. Maybe it’s her extensive experience or just who she is, but she’s exactly what we need. Someone who takes it from the lab into the clinic in the most practical way,” said. Dr. Burnett.

Dr. Roth is most recently known for her work with veterinary telemedicine and working to develop high medical quality standards for virtual care.

“I’ve never shied away from adopting new technologies and discovering new resources. That’s because I’m passionate about access to care and providing the highest quality of life possible for pets and their vets,” said Dr. Roth. “And, while veterinary medicine has come a long way in complex wound healing, the focus has been on the medical efficacy and not the patients’ quality of life. KeraVet Gel achieves both goals with its reformulation of the human medical product, KeraStat Gel, as it provides a patent-protected wound healing technology that is effective, safe, easy-to-use, and eliminates the need for Elizabethan collars.”

KeraVet Board Member and veterinary health investor and consultant Craig Wallace was supportive of the decision, sharing that “Cherice is a powerful voice and talent in the animal health world. The Board is very excited to have her join the KeraVet team as the company positions to address one of the most unmet needs in wound care today.”

Dr. Cherice Roth is a Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and has held many roles within veterinary medicine, including clinical, industry, and executive-level work. She was also one of the developers of the RACE-approved Virtual Care University and My Pet Doc. This has led to her being listed as an inventor on four US patent applications for utilizing technology to improve the lives of pets by increasing their access to veterinary care.

Dr. Roth serves on multiple charitable and advisory boards. Two of the most notable advisory boards are the Board of Chief Veterinary Medical Officers (BCVMO) & Veterinary Professionals Instilling Black Excellence (VIBE). She is also the author of children’s books “What’s a REAL Doctor?” and “What Does a REAL Doctor look like?” both books focus on veterinary medicine, diversity, STEM, and representation.

“My first goal for KeraVet Bio is to make KeraVet Gel the new standard of care or ‘go-to’ solution for wound care. I believe we can achieve this by positioning it as the first and easiest step for wound management with its simple instructions and proven technology,” said Dr. Roth. “My second goal is to reinforce what veterinary teams and pet parents already know, that the human-animal bond is important, and it’s being hurt with outdated wound care that forces physical barriers between the patient and the parent or veterinary team.”

About KeraVet Bio

KeraVet Bio is an animal health pharmaceutical company utilizing its intellectual property portfolio to develop keratin-based prescription products for dogs and cats. The company’s lead product, KeraVet Gel, is formulated to address wounds, severe wounds, post-surgical incisions, and a range of dermatological conditions while alleviating the need for cones or other lick deterrents.

The KeraVet Bio team has decades of experience in creating, testing, and manufacturing FDA-regulated wound and regenerative medical products currently in the market. KeraVet Bio is headquartered in the Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC.

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