KeraVet Bio Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with WellHaven Pet Health and Pet Peace of Mind to Enhance Animal Health and Wellbeing 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – KeraVet Bio, the manufacturer of KeraVet Gel, a wound management product for dogs and cats made from a propriety blend of keratin, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with WellHaven Pet Health, a leading veterinary clinic system, and the charitable organization Pet Peace of Mind, dedicated to the care of animals whose owners are experiencing a health event. This collaborative effort marks a significant stride in supporting the health and well-being of animals across the nation. 

Under this new partnership, for every tube of KeraVet Gel purchased by WellHaven Pet Hospitals, KeraVet Bio has committed to donating $1 to Pet Peace of Mind. This initiative not only furthers the reach of KeraVet Bio’s advanced health products and provides for quality medical interventions in WellHaven clinics, but also supports Pet Peace of Mind’s mission to provide care for the pets of terminally ill patients.

Dr. Bob Lester, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of WellHaven Pet Hospitals, praised this new partnership, “This new collaboration makes available an exceptional new product for the pets we care for while at the same time supporting a remarkable non-profit in Pet Peace of Mind”. 


Dr. Luke Burnett, CEO of KeraVet Bio, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership saying, “We have always been dedicated to advancing quality health solutions for pets and now partnering with pillars of the industry, WellHaven and Pet Peace of Mind, we all will be able to provide better treatment in the clinic and better support outside the clinic than ever before”. 


About KeraVet Bio 

KeraVet Bio is a veterinary wound care company utilizing its intellectual property portfolio to develop keratin-based prescription products for dogs and cats. The company’s lead product, KeraVet Gel, is formulated to address mild and severe wounds, post-surgical incisions, and a range of dermatological conditions while also alleviating the need for cones or other lick deterrents. 


About WellHaven Pet Health 

WellHaven Pet Health practices believe in the well-being of people and pets. We seek to care for the caregiver so that they can care for others. We are committed as servant leaders to ensure the success of our doctors, veterinary technicians/nurses, and teams. WellHaven Pet Health builds, buys, and partners with outstanding veterinary practices.  

About Pet Peace of Mind 

Pet Peace of Mind is a nonprofit that understands the unique relationship humans have with their pets at the deepest level. Driven to preserve the human-animal bond, the national advocacy and training organization works closely with more than 300 hospice partners to care for and rehome pets during the end-of-life journey. From delivering a stack of hay to a farmer who can no longer haul it to his hungry horses to bringing a patient’s dog to her bedside to ensure they are together in his last moments, Pet Peace of Mind works to preserve the profound connection between pets and their owners when they need each other the most. Formed in 2009, the organization serves an average of 5,000 pets each year through its network of affiliates. To learn more about Pet Peace of Mind, visit