KeraVet Bio signs with MWI Animal Health for product distribution

KeraVet Bio, the manufacturer of KeraVet Gel, a wound management product for dogs and cats made from a propriety blend of keratin, announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with MWI Animal Health (MWI), a division of Amerisource Bergen. MWI is the leading animal health distributor in the US, specializing in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and supplies for the companion animal and livestock markets.

KeraVet Gel is the flagship product of KeraVet Bio and will be available by prescription from local veterinarians to manage both wounds and surgical incisions in dogs and cats. The product is applied topically and was developed to lessen healing time and reduce the need for E-collars, secondary bandages, or other restraint devices. This keratin-based product achieves this through its IP-protected keratin technology and the addition of an effective bitterant.

“Partnering with MWI, the leading animal health distributor in the US, is a clear win for animals everywhere,” said Dr. Luke Burnett, KeraVet Bio CEO. “KeraVet Bio was looking for the right distributor to get our product out to as many veterinarians as quickly as possible. There is a huge demand for the kind of streamlined solution to wound care that KeraVet Bio provides. Promoting better wound outcomes and decreasing the use of E-collars is something that is important to KeraVet Bio, MWI, and pet parents everywhere.”

KeraVet Gel will be available for order via the MWI online clinic portal and sales representatives.