New KeraVet Gel Aims to Replace the Dreaded Cone of Shame

New KeraVet Gel Aims to Replace the Dreaded Cone of Shame

Product Establishes New Standard of Care for Wounds and Incisions


Winston Salem, North Carolina – May, 2024 – KeraVet Bio, the maker of KeraVet Gel, an emerging surgical incision and wound therapy, is on a mission to retire the much-maligned and outdated Elizabethan Cone. Until now, the dreaded cone has been the go-to protocol to protect pets from licking their wounds, as licking can cause prolonged healing or further complications. Commonly known as the “Cone of Shame,” this truncated cone device has wreaked havoc for decades.   

KeraVet Gel is an innovative wound management product that supports improved healing outcomes and reduces the need for bandaging and secondary restraint devices. Made with patent-protected keratin technology, studies show that wounds treated with KeraVet Gel exhibited significantly less edema and chronic inflammation than wounds treated with Triple Antibiotic Ointment in dogs and cats. Clinical studies show dogs treated with the KeraVet Gel product licked 85% less and cats licked 87% less versus a well-known wound management product.

The notorious Cone of Shame is a frustrating experience for both the pet and the pet owner. Research shows that pets wearing a cone are distressed and depressed. And so are the pet parents. As a result, compliance often fades and wounds linger. 

“Basically, we want to put the pet, the pet parent and the veterinarian out of their misery,” said Luke Burnett, company founder and CEO. “By eliminating use of the cone, simplifying wound care and improving wound management, we want to change the wound healing standard of care for veterinarians and pet owners across the world.”

This new standard of care addresses the physical and emotional health of pets, as well as creates more compliant, relaxed, and happier clients.  This means veterinary professionals can focus on patient care, not the problems associated with the cone.

A review of social media platforms reveals thousands of pet parent posts sharing the seeming humor of a humiliated pet using the Cone of Shame. Pets are seen knocking into furniture, attempting to eat, running in circles or just looking forlorn.

“These videos are not funny,” noted Natalie Marks, a company advisor and well-known practicing veterinarian and previous practice owner, based in Chicago. “While seeing pets navigate their environment with a cone around their neck can seem humorous, watching these distressed pets is really disturbing. I’m happy to be part of the solution in mitigating their use.” 

KeraVet Gel is a non-implantable, water-based gelatinous (hydrogel) wound dressing intended to act as a protective covering in the management of a variety of partial thickness dermal wounds. The 7.5 mL of KeraVet Gel is provided in a screw-top tube. The break-through product contains keratin protein and is available by prescription from a veterinary practitioner. 

“Our goal is to provide veterinarians and pet owners with a clear course of post-surgical therapy to reduce the need for antibiotics and over-the-counter remedies,” said Burnett. “KeraVet Gel is designed to deliver faster, more effective wound management providing a moist wound bed and protective barrier to the elements.”

Based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, KeraVet Bio is a leading wound care specialty manufacturer. The KeraVet Gel product is a one-step wound care solution that’s easy to apply and requires no additional products or applicator.  It has a safe toxicity profile, decreasing the concern of keeping a pet away from other pets or people. KeraVet Gel is available only with a prescription from veterinarians and available through all veterinary distribution sources. More information about the science of KeraVet Gel and ordering can be found at