Use Cases

Luke Burnett’s Red Boned Coon Hound, Lags (Lagertha), was bitten by a beaver that produced a 3 cm laceration that penetrated through the fascia and muscle of the hind limb all the way to the femur.  Given the depth of the injury, standard of care would have likely been to suture and potentially even place a drain, however the wound was packed with KeraVet Gel four times on the first day to prevent licking, then twice a day for the next three days and once a day until day 7 when the wound was closed.  No cones, bandages, sutures or additional products were needed, and the whole course of treatment used half of a single tube of product.  Lags has a tremendous amount of “vet visit” anxiety, so being able to treat this injury at home was a good for her and for her parents.


Dr. Luke Burnett, KeraVet Bio CEO

Winston-Salem, NC

Levi is a 5yo MC Golden Retriever that developed severe erythema following an ultrasound lab. The initial lesion was likely caused by a combination of irritation from clippers and two hours of probe pressure/moisture from the ultrasound jelly. He became progressively pruritic and the lesion worsened from scratching and licking. KeraVet Gel was applied 24 hours after the laboratory. The application was twice on day 1 and then daily afterwards. The licking continued after the first application, but stopped after the second and the pruritus abated at about 24 hours.

In many ways this was considered successful because of stopping the pruritus and, subjectively, the skin was less moist.


Dr. Fred Winninger, VMD, MS, DACVIM (Neurology)

Charlotte, NC

I used KeraVet Gel on a dog with a chronic acral lick. The lesions were there for 4 years and the owner refused to place an E-collar on the dog.  The patient was on antibiotics (based off tissue culture), gabapentin and apoquel. The owner informed me after ten applications of KeraVet Gel the dog refused to lick the areas anymore and they are finally starting to heal. 


Allison Kirby, DVM, DACVD

Marina del Rey, CA

One of the hardest parts of surgery for any veterinarian is client (and patient) compliance in the recovery period. After an umbilical hernia repair, my Frenchie patient became too active, or at least too “Frenchie” active! After two applications of KeraVet Gel, we had tremendous improvement, and a happy patient, client, and veterinarian.


Veterinary Generalist, DVM

Chicago, IL

We had a maggot infested kitten with a quarter size wound and other smaller wounds. We first did antibiotics for 10 days and the wound seemed to stall out in the healing process. There was a nice layer of granulation tissue that had formed. We started applying KeraVet 2-3 times a day. It was as if you could see the wound healing with every application of the KeraVet Gel. It seemed to help the body provide a layer of protection and made a scab layer. After 10-12 days that nickel size wound was completely healed! 


Ashley Tuma, DVM

Gap, PA

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