Animal health professionals and

pet parents will LOVE KeraVet Gel

   By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

Ease of application with limited instructions

Our instructions couldn’t be simpler – apply to the wounded area one to two times a day. Then just walk away! There is no applicator or need for gloves. We do recommend washing your hands after use because it will not taste good.

Each tube contains approximately 8 mL and we believe that this will handle a full course of treatment for the average wound and hopefully eliminates the need for follow-up appointments.

Designed for faster wound healing compared to existing standards of care

For most surgeries the existing standard of care includes a cone to keep the pet from aggravating the wound. Our product provides a moist wound bed and barrier to the environment that will facilitate healing while also keeping most pets from irritating the surgical area.

A cone-free solution

Pets, pet parents, and veterinarians don’t like the e-collar (i.e., cone of shame). These cones can damage the human-animal bond as well as create unnecessary anxiety in the pet. Pet parents have difficulty adhering to e-collar use because they can be cumbersome to put on; furthermore, they impose general inconveniences on the pet including less mobility on stairs and the inability to eat or drink while wearing.

KeraVet Gel is designed to avoid the use of a cone or other secondary wound dressing.

Better pet parent adherence to treatment

Thanks to simple instructions for use pet parent compliance will improve. Many treatment options are adhered to for a day or so; however, pet parents are often discouraged if treatments require excessive time and effort to administer. This frustration often leads to discontinuing the prescribed treatment. Lack of follow through on treatment can mean prolonged pain to the pet, repeat visits to the veterinarian for the same issue, or a worsening of the existing condition.

Human product is FDA-cleared and is treating patients

The novel formulation of KeraVet Gel builds on an FDA-cleared human product called KeraStat Gel. We have made proprietary changes to this product specifically designed to increase ease of use and discourage licking behavior.

Commitment to safety through dedicated clinical trials

KeraVet Bio is currently utilizing all the FDA recommended safety testing as well as randomized controlled clinical studies for efficacy so veterinarians and pet parents can be assured KeraVet Gel is not only effective but also safe. This level of effort and expense is beyond what many products offered in the veterinary health market undergo, demonstrating our commitment to pet health.