Meet Dr. Luke Burnett

By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

Dr. Luke Burnett, founder CEO and Chief Science Officer of KeraVet Bio, Inc. is bringing his 10 plus years of working in the field of trauma, regenerative medicine and biomaterials to the veterinary market by introducing our flagship product KeraVet Gel.  

Dr. Burnett’s extensive experience in the development and conduct of large and small animal surgical models with a focus on wound and burn healing, as well as bone, muscle and nerve regeneration have prepared him to evolve his FDA approved medical device, KeraStat® Gel, to the veterinary market as KeraVet Gel.

He is also the founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer at KeraNetics, Inc., which produces keratin-based products to promote wound healing for human patients experiencing radiation dermatitis while undergoing cancer treatments.   He serves as the Chief Scientific Advisor for Virtue Labs, a keratin-based beauty products company that licenses KeraNetics, Inc., proprietary keratin-extraction process and is research faculty in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Wake Forest School of Medicine. 

In addition to being a leader of industry, Dr. Burnett has an extensive history of government grant and contract funding, having received 29 competitive research awards totaling over $24 million dollars from BARDA, NIH, and DoD.  Dr. Burnett has published scientific work in major scientific journals, gives talks at many scientific conferences each year and has filed multiple patents for his work in keratin biomaterials.  

Dr. Burnett has recently retired as a Colonel after serving 27 years and completing two tours in Iraq with the US Army. Dr. Burnett holds a BS from Sonoma State University, a MA from the US Army War College, and a PhD from Wake Forest School of Medicine.