Is your dog in chronic pain?

By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

Chronic pain is characterized as pain that lasts longer than six months.  While chronic pain may initially develop because of an injury or illness, without treatment this pain will linger and may continue to cause problems long after its initial cause has been resolved.

If your pet experiences chronic pain on the skin that compels them to excessively lick or bite at the area, your pet is not only in pain but also at risk of infection. Today, there is no consensus on a preferred solution to these painful skin issues. KeraVet Bio hopes to alleviate the confusion surrounding treatment options for veterinarians, alleviate the pain and suffering for pets, and end the frustration experienced by pet parents with the introduction of KeraVet Gel to the veterinary health market in 2023.

We believe KeraVet Gel will be a veterinarian’s “go-to” choice for managing hot spots, skin allergies, post-surgical care, and other superficial wounds because our product is designed to:

  • Be easy to apply with limited instructions
  • Offer faster wound healing than competitors
  • Encourage better pet parent treatment compliance
  • Eliminate the need for more expensive and complex solutions

  • Be the “Cone-Free” solution due to a lack of pet licking post-application