KeraVet Bio introduces new standard of care for veterinary wound management.   

By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

Today we launched our veterinary wound management product, KeraVet Gel. Traditional wound care in veterinary medicine has been limited to various dressings or wound products that require the use of an Elizabethan collar, commonly known as a cone. KeraVet Gel has been formulated to address the concerns of self-harming behavior, such as licking, and support better wound outcomes without the use of a cone.

KeraVet Gel includes patented keratin technology and a bitterant to deter licking. Clinical studies with KeraVet Gel have shown up to an 87% reduction in licking behavior.

The KeraVet Gel product is designed to change veterinary wound care. Dr. Luke Burnett, the CEO and Founder of KeraVet Bio puts it this way, “telling people that we want to change the standard of veterinary wound care was originally met with a lot of questions, but after veterinarians had a chance to use the product, assess the science behind it and the efficacy they see in their practice, they see that we’re not just offering another wound product. Our pets are family and when they are injured, we should be able to give them the best treatment available. Ultimately with KeraVet Gel, we want to improve wound outcomes and reduce the number of animals that have to be sent home with cones.”

To learn more about KeraVet Gel, visit our website at KeraVet Gel is available by prescription and can be purchased from MWI Animal Health. Click here to order.