Re-thinking wound care: E-collars and the innovation of KeraVet Gel 

By Cherice Roth, MS, DVM, KeraVet Bio Lead Medical Advisor

For those of us in the veterinary field, the challenge of post-surgical or wound-related intervention has always been managing the potential self-harm a pet might inflict upon its healing site. The E-collar, colloquially known as the “cone of shame,” has been our go-to solution for years. Practical as it may be in preventing pets from accessing their wounds, it has its challenges. Sensory disruption and behavioral distress are just some concerns we routinely observe.

But as our industry grows and evolves, so do the solutions at our disposal. Introducing KeraVet Gel. This innovative product isn’t merely about prevention; it provides a real wound management solution. Its built-in lick deterrent targets one of the primary issues we face post-intervention. It’s keratin-based, which promotes tissue repair, pointing to faster recovery times and often eliminating the need for bandaging and restraint devices. This holistic approach to recovery considers our animal patients’ physical and emotional well-being.

It’s an exciting time in veterinary medicine. As we continuously strive for the ideal balance between treatment efficacy and patient comfort, products like KeraVet Gel represent a significant step forward. By embracing and integrating these advancements into our practices, we’re not just offering better care – we’re redefining the paradigms of healing and recovery in our field.


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