Creating a new standard

By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staf

Problems such as lick granulomas, major surgical incisions, and other skin conditions are often hard to treat and require Elizabethan collars during healing. Therefore, veterinarians are searching for new, prescription-based products to provide wound solutions that will improve outcomes and reduce pet and pet parent anxiety.

Currently, there are a few ways that veterinarians treat these issues, including:

Antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics may take several days for effect, have little impact on the rate of wound healing, and disrupt the natural biome.  Additionally, as with humans, continued use of antibiotics (especially for a recurring skin issue) is discouraged for several reasons, including building a tolerance.

Human Over-the-Counter Products. These products are not generally tested on canines or felines for safety or efficacy, making them a risky choice and likely an ineffective one. These products can be licked/ingested and, if found tasty or lacking efficacy, can exacerbate a condition.

Elizabethan Collars. E-collars are sometimes prescribed on their own simply to give a wound time to heal or to keep a pet from aggravating an area they continually disturb. Placing an animal in an E-collar for extended periods of time often increases fear and anxiety for the pet, stress and sadness for the pet parent, and frustration for the veterinarian not able to provide a more complete solution.

We believe that KeraVet Bio has the solution in our keratin-based product KeraVet Gel. This reformulation of the FDA-cleared human product KeraStat Gel has been tested on hundreds of cats and dogs with outstanding results.

KeraVet Gel is designed to:

– Increase the rate and consistency of wound healing while eliminating the desire for the pet to lick or disrupt healing.

– Create better pet parent compliance by being simple to use with limited instructions.

– Compare to existing standards of care costs.