Striving for better veterinary care

    By Michelle Barson, KeraVet Bio Staff

KeraVet Bio is a company built by the leading minds and team behind the human wound management company KeraNeticswhich continues to grow and garner attention for its groundbreaking keratin technology and applications.

KeraVet Bio is leveraging existing intellectual property that enables the development of keratin-based products for the veterinary pharmaceutical market. The company’s lead product KeraVet Gel is specifically designed to manage severe wounds and post-surgical incision care. It is also intended to address a wide range of skin care conditions while alleviating the need for cones or other lick deterrents.

KeraVet Gel is derived from the FDA-cleared human product KeraStat Gel, which is being used by wound and trauma clinicians across the country for their patients. KeraVet Gel will harness the science behind KeraStat Gel to bring veterinary practices and pet owners across the country a true standard of care for the two most commonly treated pet issues – surgical incisions / wound care and skin conditions.

While some other standards of care are on the market, they all have limitations that ultimately hurt pet health and pet parent treatment compliance. For example, if antibiotics are prescribed for skin wounds, they can exhibit inconsistent results, can be hard to correctly administer, and risk damaging side effects. E-collars or other lick deterrents are problematic for pet parents and the pet by inducing heightened anxiety and fear, which may exacerbate the initial problem or lead to other subsequent conditions.

KeraVet Gel is steadily moving through product development and will be subjected to clinical trials in October 2022. The product will be available by prescription only and is expected to be distributed to veterinary practices for in-practice and take-home treatments. This product should also be available through online pet pharmacies.