Veterinary biotech company gains local investment

By Richard Craver, Winston-Salem Journal Reporter

The Winston-Salem Partners Roundtable Fund announced its investment in startup KeraVet Bio, bringing its total investment portfolio to seven early stage companies. The Fund is comprised of more than 70 accredited investors that provide seed capital and strategic support to promising local startups.


KeraVet Bio is developing a veterinary wound care gel product designed to address severe wounds and surgical incisions in cats and dogs, as well as treat a wide range of skin conditions while alleviating the need for e-collars or other lick deterrents.


KeraVet Gel is a reformulation of the Food and Drug Administration-approved human medical treatment KeraStat Gel.

KeraVet Bio founder and chief executive Luke Burnett says the investment will help the company scale production for wider market distribution, beginning in August. The product will be available by prescription only and is expected to be distributed to veterinary practices for in-practice and take-home treatments. The product should also be available through online pet pharmacies.

This article was originally published April 3, 2023.  You can find the original article on the Winston-Salem Journal website by clicking here.